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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What Would the Founders Do?
Just got around to checking out this site: FounderBlogs.com. It’s a neat idea; to promote his book What Would the Founders Do?, Richard Brookhiser is writing a series of blogs as he thinks the Founding Fathers would have written them.

I got back home about an hour ago from the Constitution Center where Brookhiser speaking about his book. (I went to see him last week with Anna Venger and Anonymous Opinion. AO’s review of that night is here. Mine is here.) I had already reserved a seat at the Constitution Center event, so I went to see him again. I actually enjoyed his presentation more tonight than I did last week. It was done in an interview style rather than just a talk so we covered a bit wider range of topics, including why there’s a resurgence of interest in the Founders.

Two interesting questions this time: the first question was from someone who was clearly a militant atheist as he asked if discoveries like evolution and the Big Bang would have made many of the Founding Fathers atheists, given their Deist tendencies. Brookhiser (correctly) answered no, because it’s very easy for a theist to say that those are merely how God chose to handle things. Also, the questioner over looked the fact the gentics was founded by Gregor Mendel, a Catholic monk. Likewise, the developer of the Big Bang theory, Monsignor Georges LeMaitre, was a Catholic priest. Attempting to use those theories to undermine belief in God ultimately tells you more about the person arguing that position than it does science.

Also, the most amusing moment of the evening came when a questioner, who was obviously a member of the Constitution Party (formerly the US Taxpayers Party), tried to get Brookhiser to acknowledge that the Founders would be members of either that party or possibly the Libertarian party. Brookhiser denied that was the case since they "would want to win."

I finished the book just prior to the event beginning. I learned a lot from it; I hadn’t realized how many of the FFs supported a larger government than we were given. There were a lot of surprising conclusions among the Founding Fathers, that give a lot to think about as we try to figure out how to deal with our current crises. I definitely recommend this book.
I attempted to post this last night, but between starting to write and completing it, Blogger went down. To make matters more annoying, their auto-save lost a good deal of it as well. I'm getting tired of this....

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