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Friday, June 09, 2006

St. Anthony's Italian Festival
It hit me last night that the people who live in the general area between Broom and Scott Streets and 8th and 10th must hate these two weeks of the year. This week, we have the Greek Festival sponsored by Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. (Just a beautiful Church, by the way. Absolutely what a Church should look like. Some friend and I toured it last night. One of the friends goes there so he was able to fill us in on the meaning of everything. Very cool.)

Then next week, we have the Italian Festival run by Saint Anthony's Parish. (Link above.)

The almost two full weeks of visitors parking in your parking spots, walking by your home talking loudly late at night (often drunk with all the related stuff to that). I've complained about how hard it is where I live, but I only have to deal with the Italian Festival; the Greek is far enough away that it doesn't impact me at home. Both are definitely worth going to. (The Greek Festival ends tonight so if you can't do it this evening, go next year.)

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