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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

"Freedom can exist only in the society of knowledge. Without learning, men are incapable of knowing their rights." —Benjamin Rush

"If our confidence in God had to depend upon our confidence in any human person, we would be on shifting sand." —Francis Schaeffer

"He who is unaware of his ignorance will be only misled by his knowledge." —Richard Whately

"Once the government becomes the supplier of people's needs, there is no limit to the needs that will be claimed as a basic right." —Lawrence Auster

"A government can be compared to our lungs. Our lungs are best when we don't realize they are helping us breathe. It is when we are constantly aware of our lungs that we know they have come down with an illness." —Lao-Tzu

David Letterman: "Top Surprises In Al Gore's Global Warming Movie": The role of Al Gore was played by Bruce Willis; During summer months, Al and Tipper host nude barbecues; Hilarious outtake of Al Gore saying, "Wobal Glarming"; It's a musical; Claims global warming melted Kenny Rogers' face; Blames the crisis on a creepy Albino; The scientist who supports all his claims is Al Gore in a mustache; Best solution is to contribute heavily to Gore-In-2008.com; It felt longer than the Florida recount.


3rd Circuit affirms right of Catholic school to fire Pro-abortion teacher
Catholic News Agency ^ | June 8, 2006

Posted on 06/08/2006 12:17:34 PM PDT by NYer

Wilmington, DE, Jun. 08, 2006 (CNA) - The Third Circuit Court of Appeals, yesterday, decided in favor of the Ursuline Academy of Wilmington, which was accused of sex discrimination after they fired a Pro-abortion teacher. The case had named the Academy itself, as well as some of its former employees, the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington, and Bishop Michael Saltarelli.

Michele Curay-Cramer taught English and Religion at Ursuline Academy, an independent Catholic school in Wilmington, Delaware. In January 2003, on the 30th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Curay-Cramer signed onto a full-page ad in the Wilmington News Journal, praising the Roe decision and declaring her pro-abortion position. The Ursulines, however, are a decidedly pro-life organization and on the same day were sponsoring a field trip of its students to Washington, DC to protest the Roe decision and declare the school's pro-life position.

Following her public declaration on abortion, Curay-Cramer was terminated by the school. Curay-Cramer quickly sued the school (and others), claiming her discharge was sex discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Today’s decision rejected Curay-Cramer’s claims under Title VII and affirmed a motion of dismissal, granted in November 2004, by the federal District Court.

According to a release from the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a nonpartisan, interfaith, public-interest law firm which filed the motion for dismissal, one of the claims under Title VII was again dismissed because it threatened to violate the First Amendment, but two others were found so weak under Title VII that the Court did not even have to reach the constitutional question.

Anthony Picarello, President & General Counsel of the Becket Fund said in the press release that, "The Third Circuit reaffirmed what should have been obvious all along: Title VII was not designed to prevent a religious school from firing a teacher for publicly repudiating the school's religious teaching. To rule otherwise would threaten fundamental religious freedom interests of the school guaranteed by the First Amendment."

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