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Saturday, June 03, 2006

I'll try not to get hurt...
...patting myself on the back, but I passed my Ghostbusters post on to the author who wrote the article that inspired it. He thanked me for sending it and called it "great stuff." I assumed he was being polite, but then I got an email from an associate of his who read my blog and called it "very charming."

I da man!

Here's an amusing thing: I just ran Blogger's spellcheck on this post. (I know; I should do it more often. I just never noticed it before. I'll try to remember to use it more often.) Blogger's spellcheck doesn't recognize the word "blog." You'd think they, of all people, should know that word.... (They also don't recognize "Blogger's" or "spellcheck." Hmmm....)

There's a lot of words it doesn't recognize which is rather frustrating and time consuming for me if I feel I need to look the word up to be certain. It also has replaced some of my typo/misspellings incompletely giving strange hybrids of words. argh.

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