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Friday, June 02, 2006

From Way Out in Right Field
And the story ends, at least for now, with a phone call Orioles owner Peter Angelos received a few days ago. You'll never guess, the caller said, who is a pretty good college baseball player now, the all-time hits leader at Wesleyan (Conn.) University, an outfielder-third baseman with a decent chance of being drafted during next week's Major League Baseball amateur draft.


Jeffrey Maier. Yes, that Jeffrey Maier.

"You're kidding," Angelos said.

"Some people are still very bitter towards him," said Tony Pente, who operates the Orioles fan Web site, http://orioleshangout.com/ . "I hate to say it, but for some people, there's almost a hatred of him -- to this day."
I admit to being one of those who still hate Jeffrey Maier. He interefered with a ball in play, which should get you kicked out of the stadium. He instead became a celebrity. He caused a bad call on a ball that should ahve been an out that became a home run. He cost the orioles a chance at the World Series.

I hope they keep him A ball for his entire career if they do draft him.

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