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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Eve Tushnet on "Ex-Gay" Ministries on National Review Online
I think this a good look at "ex-gay" ministries: they can help some people, but they're definitely not for everybody. The author is a pretty popular blogger among Cathlic. (I personally don't enjoy her site, but I think it's a style thing. She's very artistic, and that's not me. Hube might like some of her stuff since she's into comic books.)

Good read.

UPDATE (3:43 PM): Dappled Things has some links to good blog posts Tushnet has written about the speakers at the conference she discusses at the link above, how homosexuality and Catholicism intersect,("If I had grown up heterosexual, I don't know if I would be Catholic today."), and how to be happy and holy as a homosexual without changing your orientation. Although that's not a cross I have to deal with, it was still interesting reading.

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