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Friday, June 16, 2006

Batter's Box Interactive Magazine - Franchising, Part 1
Interesting review of national league franchises historical performance and their overall record. Some surprises. Would you believe the Cubs and Pirates have winning records through their history, and the Braves a losing record (they were awful when they were in Boston)?

The Phillies? Well, they've historically phloundered, being the most games under .500 of any major league team:
Philadelphia Phillies (8679-9878) - Losers since May 15, 1922
The Phillies are one of the Ancient teams - their record goes back to 1883, and once upon a time it was a fine record indeed. They had a pretty good team in the 1890s, and a very good team in the mid 1910s. By 1917, the franchise record was 138 games above .500 - and that is the best it would ever be. That December, they dumped Pete Alexander for a couple of nondescript players and a big whack of cash. They were punished... lordy, but they were punished. In 1921, they went 51-103 and went into the 1922 season with their all-time record just one game above .500. After a bit of see-sawing above and below .500, they gave up the ghost on May 15, 1922, when they were hammered 19-7 by St. Louis. It dropped their season mark to 11-13, and their all-time record to 2728-2729. It was also the first game of a 12 losing streak en route to a 57-96 record. They've had a losing record ever since. The farthest they've fallen was just a few years ago - by the end of the 2000 season, the team lost 1242 games more than they had won. So they fired Terry Francona, and have begun the log slow crawl upwards... and it's probable that none of us will live to see them make it. They come into this season 1199 games under - the worst mark in all the majors.

You're killing us few Phillies fans that are left. This kind of mathematical analysis can only throw us into depression. We are only 8.5 games behind the Mets.

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