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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Quote of the Day
"All this concern with privacy would be touching if it weren't so selective. With a few keystrokes, Google will display anything posted by or about you. A few more keystrokes can in all probability uncover the date of your birth, your address and telephone number and every place you have lived, along with satellite photos of the houses and how much you paid for them, any court actions you have been involved in and much, much more. It is only a little more work to obtain your full credit history and Social Security number. Or details of your shopping, traveling and Web-browsing habits. Such information is routinely gathered and sold by myriad marketing outfits. So it's OK to violate your privacy to sell you something -- but not to protect you from being blown up" -- Los Angeles Times columnist Max Boot on the NSA electronic surveillance furor

And all of that is a good thing? So good we should add Big Government to the list?
From all I have read, this process added little of value to the knowledge base, while opening up a huge avenue for not just harassment by Capital One, but great mischief.
Much of the privacy information he notes has always been out there, and much of it is innocent and should be open to public scrutiny. What has changed is the information revolution that allows it to be so simply crunched into a profile that can be weaponized.
That is worrisome in and of itself.

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