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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mark Levin Fan » Blog Archive » President Ronald W. Reagan - A montage.
MarkLevinFan shares a great montage of some quotes from publis addresses by the Gipper. It was nice remembering the days when America had a real President.

One thing that struck me while listening to it was how clearly Reagan drew the line: America is on the side of Good, while Communism was a force of evil. He used that word frequently throughout his Presidency. And I think Bush's use of it during the mis-named War on Terror is part of what kept conservatives at bay. At least on that one issue, he got it. This is a conflict between good and evil as surely as the Cold War was. On the one side, we have our flawed democracy who at least acknowledges the common good and the need to help the less fortunate, although we do have many failings. Radical Islam, however, seems to see the less fortunate as pawns in a battle and legitimate targets of random acts of violence, denying their humanity. We are in a battle with evil and for all his (many) flaws, at least Bush gets that. And for that we owe him a debt.

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