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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hot Dog! Hungry Fan Gets Bonds' HR Ball - Examiner.com
A fan waiting in line for a hot dog got something extra - and it wasn't mustard and sauerkraut: It was home run ball No. 715 by Barry Bonds.

Andrew Morbitzer was waiting in a concession line Sunday when the souvenir of a lifetime plopped into his hands.
This guy claims to be a Giants and a Bonds fan and he was in line to get a hot dog for the historic home run. Allegedly, he was getting food for his new bride.

On Pardon The Interruption just now, Michael Wilbon called him "an all-time loser." I can't disagree. If you're at that game, there are four or five things you don't miss: Bond's at-bats, to see history. And he went to get a hot dog?

He's the most whipped man in America, with the possible exception of the "Runaway Bride's" now ex-ciancee who took her back even after the truth came out.

Pathetic. We should take away his man card.

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