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Saturday, May 27, 2006

CNN.com - Political dispute over FBI raid nears showdown - May 27, 2006
Top officials at the Justice Department and the FBI threatened to resign this week if President Bush ordered them to return materials seized in last week's raid of Rep. William Jefferson's office, senior administration officials said.
Good for them. There is absolutely no reason that these documents should be returned. Congressional privilege and separation of powers should not extend to allowing the coverup of corruption. They apparently have Congressman Jefferson redhanded, taking the money and finding it in his freezer. Separation of powers cannot apply to coverup of illegal activities, outside the legitimate political and policy functions fo the branches. If this sort of activity can be covered up merely by housing the incriminating documents in his office, what can't we cover up? By the same logic, nurder somebody and keep the body in Congressional offices and it can't be examined because of separation of powers. Un-freaking-believable.

Hell, I'd be partial to charging Hastert with obstruction of justice for trying to prevent these documents from being obtained in violation of a court-ordered subpeona. That would be sweet.

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