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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Jay Nordlinger's Impromptus on National Review Online
All my life, I heard people warn about the influence of generals and admirals over Pentagon affairs: "Civilian control, civilian control," they always stressed. And when a general uttered a peep about some matter of policy, the cries went up — from the left — that a military dictatorship was about to descend on our land.

That's the way it was, in good old Ann Arbor town (where I grew up).

Odd that I've heard none of those voices in recent days. Have you?
As longtime readers know, I have a standing interest in Democrats or liberals who criticize Republicans or conservatives on class grounds — you know, the Democrats who snicker at manual labor, or whatever. They're the party of the common man, except when they don't want to be.

Do you remember that ad that Bill Richardson ran against his gubernatorial opponent? "While I was cutting taxes for the people of New Mexico, my opponent was serving orange juice at 30,000 feet." (Richardson's opponent had been an airline steward.)

Anyway, I thought of all this when reading this article about Sean Hannity. It says, "Actor Alec Baldwin . . . called Hannity a 'no-talent, former-construction-worker hack' during a recent radio confrontation."

First, I had no idea that Sean did construction work — makes me think even better of him. Second: Is this really the way liberals want to be talking? Isn't that talk supposed to come from Republicans in limousines, running over urchins?

While I'm asking questions: Do you remember when Ruth Bader Ginsburg, during a speech in Australia, mocked Tom DeLay for having run an extermination business?
Finally, a letter, from a regular and astute reader:
Like you, I'm bugged by people who won't say "man" and "woman." I notice it on Dr. Laura's show: People call up and say, "I'm a 30-year-old female." It always sounds like a police report to me. People like that also call themselves parents instead of mothers or fathers.

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