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Friday, April 07, 2006

From the Depths...: Fan Mail
I KNEW IT!!!! Satan is a Yankees fan. From his blog:
Your evilness,

Do you play baseball in Hell? Who do you think will win the world series this year?

Donovan Lewis

Your Stupidness,
Did you make that Title up? What are you thinking?

Yes. I do play baseball down here. In fact, one of the only things that give the damned a break is when my minions and I are playing ball. I hit in the three hole. Since I'm a righty, I'm pretty good at pulling things to the left. In fact, pulling things to the left is what I do best. Evidence of this is the democratic party.

The Tigers will win the world series this year...

HAHAHAHAHA. Had you going, didn't I Donovan. My favorite team will be winning the World Series. That team is, of course, the Yankees!
Link via The Cafeteria Is Closed.

UPDATE: I was so freaked out by the proof of his Yankees fandom that I overlooked his taking credit for the insanity that is the Democratic party. I can't decide which is the worse sin!

Damn Yankees takes a whole new meaning.

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