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Monday, April 24, 2006

delawareonline | The News Journal | Officer kills man, is wounded, in shootout
A man in his early 40s was shot and killed this afternoon on a road beneath the St. Georges Bridge by a state environmental enforcement agent, who also was wounded in the exchange of gunfire.
Police say man killed was wanted on robbery charges in Newark.
Two questions:
1) Why do DNREC officials have guns?
2) And why are they attempting to apprehend a suspect, rather than calling for the real police?

UPDATE: Well, I glad to know that the rangers weren't trying to apprehend a known suspect, according to the News-Journal this morning. They were merely looking into something weird when they were fired upon and they defending themselves. I do wish the article had explained why they were armed to begin with, although it appears fortunate that they were in this case.

A friend of mine is a former park ranger (for the national government). I'll see if she has some input.

1. An alarming number of government officials now carry guns. Even some IRS agents now carry weapons.

2. Give some people a gun and they get all cowboy.

IRS with guns?

As if it wasn't bad enough that they're IRS is the IRS...

I guess they have to brace themselves for the reaction someone might have when they show up for an audit.

"Hi I'm from the government, and I'm here to help you."

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