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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

delawareonline | The News Journal | Amid troubled times, Hollywood finds religion
I've said many times that the mainstream media jsut doesn't get religion and this article that ran in the News-Journal this morning is just another example of that.

The whole article is not running on this page as I write this, but it's about how Hollywood's finally realized that people of faith will see movies if they're given something worth seeing. (You'd think that was common sense, but common sense apparently isn't common in Hollywood.) The problem is that one of the movies that highlight and give prominent space to is the DaVinci Code. That's not a movie for people faith; that's a movie to undermine people's faith.

The News-Journal doesn't get it (and neither does USA Today where the article originally came from).

I winced mightily when I saw the News Journal article, with The Da Vinci Code mentioned as the first example of an upcoming high-profile Hollywood movie for people of faith.

Yowsers, why didn't they get Gary Soulsman to do a local article on religion and Hollywood, instead of picking up some USA today hack writer. Gary always does his homework on religion. Sigh.

Speaking of The Da Vinci Code, Hollywood Catholic and director of Act One: Raising Up A New Generation for Hollywood, is calling for an Othercott of The Da Vinci Code movie. Read about it here.

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