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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Are the Republicans about to start acting like Republicans?
Senators Frist, McConnell, and Sessions just finished assembling over 34 Senate signatures on a letter backing the veto threat the President laid out yesterday on the groaning Senate supplemental. This plan—have the President say he will veto a fat bill, and have the Senate leadership deliver fiscal conservatives to that cause—should serve as a rallying point for those who have been horrified at the spending spree underway in Congress, for which the House, Senate, and White House all share responsibility. It’s time to rally to the fiscal conservative flag, and the sooner our friends in the conservative community know that there is a majority in the Senate worth listening too when it comes to spending matters, the sooner people can realize what the stakes really are in November.
Let's hope so. Maybe they're starting to realize that right now, they're not worth voting for. They have between now and Election Day to convince myself and many other disillusioned conservatives that they're worth voting for or they could face disaster.

Note: in no way am I expecting Mike Castle to prove he's worth voting for, even if the rest of the party does. I vote for Republicans, so that excludes Castle.

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