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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Alienated Catholics Have More Fun
Doesn’t it seem like alienated Catholics have more fun? The “traditionalists” who are sure that the past however many popes have derailed the Church get those wonderful liturgies with all that lace, Latin chant and incense. They also get the pleasure of moral and doctrinal superiority.

Those “progressives” that won’t be happy until the Church emulates all the ways and values of the dying world get to…well, they get to do all kinds of fun-looking things observant Catholics don’t. They also get the recognition of the New York Times and the Democratic National Convention, not to mention NARAL.

Honestly, though, it is not too late for any of us to join the alienated throngs. To help you in your efforts to be better than the Church, I offer Gotcher’s “Seven Easy Ways to Alienate Oneself from the Roman Catholic Church (especially for those who want to be more Catholic than the pope, but also for those who want the Church to become like the world).”™

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