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Monday, March 06, 2006

Should liberals leave Catholic Church? - The Boston Globe
Church doctrine states that allowing children to be adopted by same-sex couples ''would actually mean doing violence to these children." Gay adoptions are ''gravely immoral."

If you agree with those principles, you are, according to the Vatican, a Catholic in good standing.

If you don't, you're not.

Liberals raised as Catholics refuse to accept this reality. We think we can be prochoice, pro-gay marriage , pro-gay adoption, and in favor of married and female priests and still call ourselves Catholic. The people who make the rules say we don't meet the criteria.

Every pronouncement from Pope Benedict XVI draws another line between official church doctrine and liberal ideology. When do liberals choose one side or the other?
The church in Rome thinks in centuries, not in news cycles. It isn't budging.

Will liberals in America ever get the message?
The answer to the title question: No, they shouldn't. Rather, they should seek to understand the Church's position on the issues where they disagree. In my process of accepting the truth and implications of the Faith, it surprised me how often the Church was right on issues where I disagreed with them or didn't understand the teaching. For example, the pronouncement against contraception in Humanae Vitae is so logical that it's hard to disagreement with it once you read. (I remain convinced that's why those who disagree with this teaching encourage people not to read it. A friend of mine who was a Jesuit seminarian, naturally, once referred to it as a "long, boring document" while discouraging people from reading. It's not long. It only takes a few hours to read it. If people were to read it, they start agreeing with it.)

Ideally, these people should examine their consciences and really try to understand why the Church teaches what she does. I did it; and it really helped me truly believe that the Church is founded on the Rock of Peter and continues to be guided by the Holy Spirit to this day.

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