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Monday, March 13, 2006

"[T]he necessity of any Government is a misfortune. This necessity however exists; and the problem to be solved is, not what form of Government is perfect, but which of the forms is least imperfect." —James Madison

"[R]eligious freedom is...being trampled in...Massachusetts. In Massachusetts, adoption agencies must be licensed by the state and adhere to the state's anti-discrimination laws, including laws prohibiting discrimination against gay couples. This puts Catholic Charities in a bind. The Vatican has called gay adoptions 'gravely immoral' and said that they do 'violence' to children. By 'violence' it means taking advantage of the children's 'dependency' to place them 'in an environment that is not conducive to their full human development.' At the same time, Catholic Charities wants to help children in need of a home... What motivate regulations like this one isn't the interests of the children—it's the interests of adults. Truth be told, Catholic Charities and other faith-based groups care a whole lot more about the children than those who enforce these kinds of rules... Doing good should not require doing violence to your conscience. Apparently, officials in Massachusetts have forgotten this, which puts them in very bad company indeed when it comes to religious freedom." —Chuck Colson

"Latin will never be a truly dead language—at least not as long as 'E pluribus unum' appears on our money. That's our national motto: 'Out of many, one.' We've always been willing to open our arms to immigrants and help them become Americans. But the unity we once valued is unraveling. In the past, new Americans were welcomed with a solemn ceremony that matched the commitment they were making to their adopted homeland... Millions of foreigners are living here today with no expectation of ever becoming citizens. They're illegal immigrants... The United States is, and will remain, the land of opportunity. But we can't afford to tolerate an underground economy, populated by immigrants who are unwilling or unable to assimilate. By cracking down on illegal immigration in a smart way, we can continue our tradition of turning many into one." —Ed Feulner

"'One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.' That's a catchy phrase but also misleading. Freedom fighters do not need to terrorize a population into submission. Freedom fighters target the military forces and the organized instruments of repression keeping dictatorial regimes in power. Freedom fighters struggle to liberate their citizens from oppression and to establish a form of government that reflects the will of the people... [O]ne has to be blind, ignorant, or simply unwilling to see the truth if he or she is unable to distinguish between those I just described and terrorists." —Ronald Reagan

"After Hurricane Katrina destroyed a lot of oil processing capacity around the Gulf of Mexico, there was—surprise!—less oil being processed. With less oil being supplied—surprise again!—gasoline prices rose. However much economists rely on supply and demand to explain price movements, politicians need villains, so that the pols can play hero. Big Oil is a favorite villain and has been for decades. There is nothing like the political melodrama of summoning oil company executives to televised hearings before some Congressional committee, where politicians can wax indignant at Big Oil's profits. It so happens that Big Government takes more money in taxes out of a gallon of gas than Big Oil takes out in profits. But apparently somehow taxes don't raise prices. They certainly don't raise indignation from the politicians who voted for those taxes. After the oil processing facilities were repaired and put back in operation—yet another surprise!—prices came back down. Supply and demand has been doing this for centuries but apparently the word has not yet reached some politicians." —Thomas Sowell

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