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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Ox Files
A Catholic humor blog I read from time to time. It's been added to my blogroll.

Some of the better posts:
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Yup, they have a word for people who dissent from the Catholic Church too much: Protestants.

Well and the Orthodox. But the Orthodox Church argues that in fact it is the Catholic Church who dissents from them.

But hey I'm a separated brother so what do I know.

At least Protestants are honest about what they are: non-Catholics. It's those who stay in the Church while trying to convert Catholicism into a quasi-Episcopalianism that this is more geared towards. (If you want to be Episcopalian, do it! Don't drag the whole Church with you.)

I don't completely understand the whole thing with the Orthodox. (Theologically, at least; I'm aware of at least an overview of the history. I'm sure there's lots of details I don't know.)I know we recognize them completely and would welcome them back. From what I understand, even though they're not united with the Pope they have an understanding that there should be some Pope-like figure at the head of the Church although they don't have one. (Their patriarchs don't qualify from what I understand.)

There are interesting differences, though: Where Protestants don't include 1 & 2 Maccabees in the Bible while the Catholic Church does. At least one Eastern Church also includes 3 & 4 Maccabees, which I've never heard of outside that reference. Also, in the Catholic Church, the sacrament of marriage is performed by the couple with the priest as a witness. A friend of mine is marrying a guy who's Coptic Christian, and their understanding of the sacrament is that it's performed by the priest.

All these differences interest me greatly, but I'm also fairly certain I'm not smart enough to understand them all either.

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