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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

NewsRadio. Again.
Last night I watched the episode where Bill does live radio ads for Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor (DAMN!!!) which is targeted at poor blacks (I assume). Here are the radio spots he does for them:
"Wuzzup y'all! Bill McNeal saying there's a party all up in here and you need to get with the flow... Oh yeah!!! Rocketfuel Malt Liquor's got the heavy weight power when you got tha eods to rip it up to some fat bootie beast... or just chill with the honies... so get on the rocket and see the stars... Rocketfuel Malt Liquor... DAMN!!!"
"Wuzzup y'all! Bill McNeal rockin' the mic again cold representin' Rocketfuel Malt Liquor. It's got the mad flavor that takes any situation to the next level... so when the party starts bouncin' and the ladies start bumpin', tighten up your flow with Rocketfuel! Rocketfuel Malt Liquor... DAMN!!!"
Catherine gets offended and gets Bill drunk on Rocket Fuel by guilting and shaming him into trying some. Once he's wasted, she convinces him that his "street talk" is out of date and convinces him to sound more with it by reading the following:
"Gazziza Dilznoofus it's Bill McNeal saying get with the crezappy taste of Rocketfuel Malt Liquor... Rocketfuel's got tha upstate prison flavor that keeps you ugly all night long. So when you wanna get sick remember, nothing makes yo' feet stank like Rocketfuel Malt Liquor... DAMN! It's crezappy!!!"
which leads to him getting fired by the makers of Rocket fuel.

Good stuff. Good stuff.

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