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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Current Reading
I picked up "The Privileged Planet : How Our Place in the Cosmos is Designed for Discovery" because I've always been interested in the topic of things about Earth that make it capable of sustaining life. For example, our planet apparently is in a remarkably "clean" area of the galaxy, free of dust and other particles that would make life extremely difficult. This book deals with issues like that. I was disappointed to see that the authors were affiliated with the Discovery Institute which is a proponent of Intelligent Design. But just prior to starting the book, I read an article that discussed them and it turns out they're part of the responsible sector of the Intelligent Design movement, avoiding common mistake of associating with Creationism. (They had issues with the Dover, PA school board for being too creationist.) A good way of summarizing the responsible argument for Intelligent Design comes from a sign I saw on a church I pass on my way to and from work: "All I see teaches me to trust the Creator I have not seen." Which sums it up well for me, anyway. Arguing for Design from experience and scientific observation, rather than from the Bible which won't persuade anyone who doesn't already agree with you.

I just started it, so I can't say too much about it, but it looks interesting.

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