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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My Current Reading
Crunchy Cons by Rod Dreher. It's an excellent book that attempts to restore conservatism to its roots. Arguing that modern conservatism is too focused on efficiency and financial/monetary end, Dreher seems to restore the traditional conservative focus of focusing o the moral and spiritual development of the human person, rather than just their bank balance.

He makes a strong conservative case in many seemingly unexpected areas: government favortism toward big business (regulations are writetn so that small businesses can't afford to comply, so big business will face less competition), consumerism (as mentioned above), the food we eat (forget cows stuffed with steroids that graze on over-used pastures, genetically engineered foods in favor of organically grown vegetables), home schooling (the more I read about home-schooling, the more I like it. As he points out, the common objection is that the kids won't be socialized that well. There's a two part reponse: one, they do get properly socialized through their family and community, and two, do you really want kids to be socialized in this society?). Chapters I haven't gotten to include religion and the environment.

Liberals would actually get a lot out of this book as it would help them make arguments that would actually appeal to conservatives rather than sounding like some hippie leftover.

Definitely read this book. It could change your life. One caveat: I don't know if it's for everyone, though. There are times it sounds to me like it might be preaching to the choir, rather than being truly persuasive to those who aren't already sympathetic to this viewpoints. But if you're open to it, it's really eye-opening.

In other news, Amazon.com just emailed to let me know Season 3 of NewsRadio has been shipped to me!!! That will absorb much of my time once it arrives.

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