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Monday, March 27, 2006

-- I watched the final episode of "Friends" this weekend on TBS. I'm sure everyone agrees with me, but Rachel can do a lot better than Ross.

-- I got a free sample issue of "The American Enterprise" in this weekend. Some interesting notes from the little of it I've read:
* "A Gallup poll shows there are now more wine drinkers in America than beer drinkers." That greatly disappoints me. Beer's a man's drink; more evidence we're losing our manliness.
* "John Kerry stated that the Bush administration's use of warrantless wiretaps is "a clear violation of the law," and called for a special counsel to investigate the practice. He then declared in the same ABC interview that Democrats are "prepared to eavesdrop wherever and whenever necessary in order to make America safer." Partisanship aside, why does anyone take this guy seriously? According to PollingReport.com, a majority of Americans do not want to see him run for President; that's consistent through 3 polls running back to last April. 49% of Americans would not vote for him if he ran. (The only theoretically potential candidate higher is Al Gore at 60%, which kind of surprises me.) 45% say that under no conditions would they vote for him. And he gets beaten by just about any GOP candidate, fairing best against Condoleeze Rice, but still losing. Why do the media pay attention to him any more? Can't we just let him fade away?

-- Wow, despite my NCAA bracket being blown to bits (George Mason?), I can still win my pool if UCLA wins on Friday. Fortunately, everyone's been messed up this year.

-- But the even more important sports news: 1 week until Opening Day!!!

Was going to post tonight myself, but got all tied up in your RR library. Didn't have much to say, so maybe listening there was the right choice.
Anyway, thanks for the scent of Neat's Foot Oil.

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