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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Jeff the Baptist: Abortion Politics
Jeff's post reminded me I also wanted to comment on this issue. I'm not a lawyer, so I can't comment on case law or even make a prediction as to how this case will turn out, so my arguments are based on logic alone, not the law.

At first glance, I am sympathetic to the man's argument: I have no rights to my child if the woman decides to have an abortion, but if I don't want a child and she keeps it, I'm responsible for it. It's not fair to the man who has little say in this situation under our current legal system.

But, the issue isn't what's fair, it's what's right.

The issue this man is missing is that he's created a human life. Through actions he's taken, he is responsible for the existance of another human being. The answer isn't to run away from the responsibility; it's to accept it. It's to truly be a man, rather than continue to wallow in immaturity. Part of being an adult is accepting our responsibility for our actions rather seeking to blame them on someone else or avoid their consequences. One of the foundations of any well-functioning society is personal responsibility; allowing people to avoid that will lead to the breakdown of that society.

The clear unfairness the man is pointing out is real; he's got that right. The issue isn't that's he forced to deal with the consequences, it's that the child can be disposed of through abortion. The woman is allowed to avoid responsibility for part in the creation of the new human life by ending it. That's the real unfairness: that the law allows murder as a means of avoiding responsiblity.

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