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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

InformationWeek | Anti-Virus Software | McAfee Update Breaks Hundreds Of Apps | March 13, 2006
For over five hours Friday, McAfee's anti-virus software erroneously flagged hundreds of legitimate executables as a malicious virus, leading some customers to quarantine or delete the offending files and render applications such as Microsoft Excel inoperative.
If you're like me, you use McAfee. (At work, anyway.) Yesterday morning, I couldn't open an Excel document. So I reinstalled Microsoft Office. This morning a coworker sent me the above article. I checked my quarantine folder and 44 programs/files/etc. had been mistakenly labeled as viruses. If you use McAfee, you may want to check your quarantine folder and see if anything is in there taht shouldn't be. (And before my dad asks, he's okay. He uses Norton.)

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