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Monday, March 13, 2006

ESPN.com - World Baseball Classic schedule
I'm loving this thing. I really watched it for the first time yesterday. I happened to turn to WB-17 yesterday afternoon and caught Cuba vs. Venezuela. I instinctively rooted for Venezuela partly because of Bobby Abreu's presence on the team and partly due to anti-Castro vehemence. (I remembered tday that Hugo Cahavez is the dictator of Venezuela. Shame both teams couldn't lose.) It was a good game until Omar Vizquel forgot how to field and Giovanni Carrara (who I'd always assumed to be Italian) couldn't pitch and gave up 5 runs in 2/3 of an inning.

Them I flipped to ESPN2 to watch the USA versus Japan. Japan probably got hosed by the call on the sacrifice fly appeal play that would have given them the lead had it not been reversed, but it was close. Hopefully Japan gets to the semifinals so it won't cause bitterness. It was also nice to see the clear respect the Japanese players had for their manager Sadaharu Oh, almost without question the greatest Japanese player in history.

Then starting at 8 PM, ESPN2 was showing Puerto Rico vs. the Dominican Republic, a game I would have loved to have watched but I had been sitting still for almost 6 hours watching baseball and I was beat. Looks like another game where one pitcher blew it as Marte just had nothing. It's a shame the games all seem to be scheduled for when I'm at work or late at night. Hopefully they can figure out a way around that the next time they hold this.

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