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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Catholic World News : Most Americans favor teaching evidence against evolution, poll shows
While I usually don't care about poll results, I think they do matter to some extent when it comes to teaching our children, since parents are the primary educators of their children and bear primary responsibility for their upbringing.

Havnig said that, I don't see why pointing out the open questions in evolution should be controversial. It's still the best theory we have, despite its flaws. I don't see anything wrong with saying something along the lines of "Scientific concensus is that evolution is true, but there are still some thing we don't quite understand, such as...."

The real issue in this battle is overeaching on both sides:
1) Evolutionists who have fallen into a brand of Darwinism that makes claims science can't support about the existence of God. The Social Darwinism of the late 19th Century was ultimately condemned and mostly done away with (although it's making a comeback in genetic engineering and calls to abort children with Down's syndrome). Hopefully, this form of Darwinism that using evolutionary theory to deny the existence of God will go away as well.
2) Christians who reject evolution as a whole due to the over-reaching of some evolutionists making the claim above. Just because some people improperly use evolution to deny God doesn't mean the theory is wholly invalid.

If people find that nice common ground on this issue and not imroperly use science to deny religion and use religion to deny science, this issue could go away quietly and our schoolchildren would stop being pawns in a larger battle.

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