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Monday, February 20, 2006

Washington's Birthday
Today's George Washington's birthday. Commonly known as President's Day, although officially the holiday is still known as President's Day since Congress never changed the name (I'm guessing Richard Nixon knew this was the only way we'd ever commemorate his Presidency), this day commemorates the birth of the most important American.

Today, think about all that George Washington did for our country: sacrificing a comfortable life to lead a bunch of rag-tag and often unmanagable rebels against the world's dominant empire; coming out of retirement to serve as our first President (a job he did not want) because it was the only way to keep the country together; serving a second term (despite not wanting to) for the same reason; governing as President not just with an eye to immediate concerns, but with an awareness that every action he took set a precedent for the future.

Truly the Father of our Country, we all owe him a deep debt. Our country most likely wouldn't be here without him and certainly not as stable or prosperous.

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