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Monday, February 13, 2006

It was pointed out on a Phillies email list I'm on that the Phillies (1883-2005) are exactly 1200 games under .500.

A member pointed out that the Phils would need to be 10 games over .500 (86-76 in a 162 game schedule)for the next 120 years to break even. Or average 91 wins in 162 games for 60 years just to reach a .500 record for their history.

Can any city match that? At least the Cubs have made it interesting once a while. We just stink.

UPDATE: A member of the Phillies email list reports: "Much of this dismal record was put up betw. 1927 and 1946. During those 19 years, the Phils were 798 games under .500. On average, they were 55 and 97. They lost 100 games or more 10 times in that stretch, and that was back in the day of 154 game seasons." Wow.

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