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Monday, February 20, 2006

My Current Reading
I'm currently reading Jesse Helm's memoiors, "Here's Where I Stand." It's an interesting read so far, learning about how he came to be interested in politics from discussing current events with his father-in-law after growing up apolitical. How he got his start in radio, and later TV, broadcasting.

I especially want to read itfor the story of how he saved President Reagan's career in the 1976 North Carolina President primary. Reagan's campaign had been floundering and he was close to dropping out. On Helm's advice, he started attacking the negotitations to hand over the Panama Canal to the nation of Panama. This propelled him to victory in North Carolina, which revived his campaign. Although he ultimately lost the nomination to the incumbent Gerald Ford, he did become the darling of the conservative movement and came back to win the Presidency four years later.

It will also be interesting to read about his efforts to reform the United Nations. Interestingly, based off the comments in the photo section of the book, he got along well with our Senator Biden. Politics makes strange bedfellows, indeed.

I finished the Politics of Prudence. It was more a collection of essays and speeches than a book in its own right, but it contained a good amount of sage advice for conservatives as to how we should proceed in the future. Definitely recommended.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that I read Theology of the Body for Beginners by Christopher West yesterday. About 130 pages, this provides a brief and easy to understand overview of John Paul II's teaching on the Christian teaching on human sexuality. Not merely a list of "Thou Shalt Not"'s, John Paul the Great shows how our sexuality is at the core of our humanity and is meant to reflect the great gift of Heaven God wishes to accept. The body and our sexual impulses are not evil or sinful; rather, they are a simple prefigurement of the union we will have with God in Heaven. It's our misuse of them that leads to sin. The proper use of them will draw us closer to God and help us understand what we can achieve if we give ourselves to Him as He wishes to give himself to us. A must-read.

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