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Monday, February 13, 2006

My Current Reading
The Politics of Prudence, by Russell Kirk

I read this a while back, while in college. (I quoted it in a column I wrote for The Review about John Paul II, whose election makes it as one of the ten most important conservative events since the American Revolution.) I enjoyed it. I read it again now, partly out of a desire to understand Kirk's thinking better and partly to answer Hube's questions about why libertarians aren't conservative.

I did finally finish that Benjamin Franklin biography, which I started on January 2nd. It was a big, and I now know more about him than I ever cared to learn. It was good read, though. As long as the book was, it wasn't hard to read, just time-consuming.

Yesterday, I finished another project that had taken me almost three months: reading the 14 narrative books of the Bible that tell the story of God's salvific plan. (Some historical works were skipped as part of this, since they duplicate some of the same information as others. For example, 2 Maccabees basically gives more details on part of the time period covered in 1 Maccabees.) The books are:
1 Samuel
2 Samuel
1 Kings
2 Kings
1 Maccabees
Acts of the Apostles

Reading the Bible this way made it much easier for me to understand the history of God's Plan. Plus, with the materials I was given at the Great Adventure Bible Timeline seminar that taught me to read this way, I'll be able to better put the other Books in their historical environment and get more meaning out of them.

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