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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The growing role of bloggers-Editorials/Op-Ed�-�The Washington Times, America's Newspaper
In the Miers case, it could be argued that bloggers on the right saved the president from making a critical mistake, and nudged him onto the path that ultimately led to a enormously significant part of his presidential legacy. But bloggers on the left are pushing their party into a difficult wilderness. The angry "net-roots" denounce any Democrat for deviating from their agenda, without a moment's thought of trying to run for re-election with a liberal record in West Virginia, North Dakota or Nebraska.

Republicans can find strength and success by listening to their like-minded bloggers; Democrats can find strength and success by ignoring theirs.
Interesting analysis of the role bloggers play for each political party with a special focus on the Harriet Miers and Samuel Alito nominations.

the author has a point but I think the bloggers on the left are trying to get the dems to conform much like the Repubs have.

We see how well it has worked for them and there is no reason it can't work for the left as well.

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