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Monday, February 20, 2006

Delaware Conservative Bloggers Alliance
Saturday night a group of conservative Delaware bloggers got together for dinner at Chili's in Christiana just to chat and discuss how we can have a greater impact. Those attending included Mark Levin Fan, Jeff the Baptist, Paul Smith Jr., Ryan of Jokers to the Right, Stephen of Blogolution and Hube of Colossus of Rhodey. Out of this quite enjoyable night, came the Delaware Conservative Bloggers Alliance and a new group blog. Delaware 2006, where we will comment upon and analyze the coming election in Delaware.

So, I've created new blogrolls (down on the left of the page) to separate out the various different types of blogs I link now, and to give greater prominence to my fellow DCBA'ers.

It was good night to get together with everyone and put some faces to names. A picture of our group is below:

From left to right: me, Jeff the Baptist, Ryan, and Hube.
(Mark Levin Fan had to leave, and Stephen of Blogolution took the picture.)

I look forward to working with these guys more in the future.

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