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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Curling Rocks. Again.
It’s easy to mock or snipe at curling. It’s played by men with brooms for one thing. It’s very popular in Canada for another. But any sport that requires you to root against our friends from the Great White North demands respect. On the curling rink, Canada and the United States swap places. The Canadians are the sport’s brash superpower, the curling colossus; the Americans are the polite, plucky underdogs forced to live in their neighbors’ shadow. (They are also, presumably, the only Americans ever mistaken for Canadians when overseas.)

Curling can even bring America together. Conservatives can wrap themselves in the flag while even the prissiest liberal need feel no guilt in supporting the underdog Minnesotans. We are all curlers now, you might say.
I agree with this article. For reasons I don't completely understand, I really enjoy curling. I don't even completely understand the rules, but I love watching it. There's something hypnotic about watching the rock flow down the ice. NBC should stop showing so much figure skating; just limit to highlights of women falling on the ice or getting thrown badly by their partners. Use the freed up time for curling!

"...just limit to highlights of women falling on the ice or getting thrown badly by their partners"

I don't get it. Why would you say that? Do you enjoy seeing women falling and getting hurt? Or, do you just think it's cute to say it? Both reasons are shameful in my opinion, so I'm asking what message you wanted to convey with that comment.

This is one of those times I said something that implied the exact opposite of what I was trying to say. In no way was I trying to say hurting women is funny. I was jsut appealing to the same instinct that makes people people find a man getting hit in the groin funny. I specifically referenced women in this case because all the falls I've seen so far have been women.

A general rule to keep in mind: if I offend, it's because I'm verbally stupid not a jerk. Sorry if I offended.

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