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Monday, January 23, 2006

Quote of the Day
"The Mets and their fans definitely got the raw end of the deal, and Kris is going to do amazing in Baltimore. I am sexy and I don't shy away from that."
--Kris Benson's wife Anna Benson, on her husband Kris being traded to Baltimore from the Mets
The reason I highlight this quote is to ask: how is the last sentence related to this first?

And, honestly, she doesn't do much for me. I look at her and know I should be attracted to her, but I'm not. I think she leaves a lot to be desired from the neck up, which is important to me. (No links, I'm trying to keep this blog at least somewhat Catholic. If you're really interested, use Google. But you might not want to do it from work. I don't think she's done nudity, but certainly Maxim style pictures will be easily found.)

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