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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

JIMMY AKIN.ORG: Bremer Article Highlights Progress, Mistakes
Tim Jones writes a good commentary on the Iraq war that kind of sums up my feelings on it in response to a New York Times interview with L. Paul Bremer.

The money quote in Jones' comment is:
I think the present world situation is far more like a game of chess than it is like a wrestling match. The reality of Islamo-fascism makes the old pattern of clashes between nation-states too simplistic a model. I don't know (perhaps can't know) whether this is ultimately a just war, but it can legitimately be argued either way.
We're dealing with a new situation in our current struggle and too many people on either side are ignoring that simple fact. The old rules no longer apply, so assessing the current situation in that light will lead to an incorrect result.

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