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Friday, January 20, 2006

I'm 31!
I was at McGlynn's in Glasgow last night with some friends. (Yes, not only did I leave the City, but it was a work night too!) After ordering a Yuengling (my beer of choice), the waitress for my ID. I just stared at her dumbfounded. I'm been carded twice in my life. (I've always looked for my age.) And once was because everyone I was with looked underage, and I was only 23 or so. She apologized and said she's carded older people to which the next friend to show her his ID said, "Yeah, like me."

I guess it's because McGlynn's is close to the University of Delaware, but it still stuns me.

Happy birthday! Age 31--you are still a spring chicken!

And you got carded. Well, I'm so old that when the waitresses look at me, they ask me to card them. :)

I should have been clearer. Last night was not my birthday. "I'm 31!" was in response to being carded, not a declaration an accomplishment.

My actual birthday is a closely guarded secret, as I hate celebrating it. (Coincidentally, that was a topic of conversation last night as some of the girls kept trying to figure out when it is.)

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