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Monday, January 30, 2006

Chafee stabs GOP in the back (again)
In response to the news that Senator Chafee will be voting against Judge Alito, I sent the following note to the National Republican Senatorial Committee:
In light of Senator Chafee's announcement that he will not support the well-qualified nominee of his own party's President and that he publicly stated he would not vote for said President and his proven liberal voting record, have you given any thought to the idea of not attacking his primary opponent for actually being a Republican? I know it's a bit much to expect you not to support an incumbent registered Republican Senator, albeit a RINO, but will you at least stop attacking someone who actually belongs in our Party?

You won't be getting a penny from me as long you act like the NRinoSC. But Mr Laffey will be.
Chafee's statement is here.

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