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Friday, December 23, 2005

"Why Can't Every Day Be Like Christmas?"
Elvis asked that question in one of his Christmas songs "If Every Day Was Like Christmas". It hit me this morning that every day can easily be like Christmas is we take some effort and appreciate what happens.

Christmas is the day we celebrate Christ coming into the world. The same thing happens every time a valid Mass is performed. On the first Christmas, Christ came in the form of a newborn infant. At Mass, He arrives also, but hidden behind Bread and Wine. Christ comes every day and we can receive Him if we approach his Body and Blood worthily. His appearance at Mass can be an even greater gift than his appearance in the manger since we can receive spiritual sustenance from his Body and Blood.

The King of Kings has a simple message for the King of Rock'n'Roll: If you want every day to be like Christmas, go to Mass!

(This came to me while reading a meditation from Saint Katherine Drexel in the Magnificat this morning. Subscribe now! It's well worth it.)

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