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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The "War" on Christmas
DelaVoice's post on how the phrase "Happy Holidays" doesn't bother him (?) got me thinking about why it does bother me.

I by no means believe that the majority of people who say "Happy Holidays" are part of some anti-Christian plot. Most of them are just trying not to offend those who don't hold to Christian beliefs. However, it's gotten to the point where even among Christians "Happy Holidays" in the norm. People who know me well, certainly well enough to know which holiday I celebrate, wish me "Happy Holidays." I usually respond with "Merry Christmas" to remind them, but sometimes I let it go by.

Bot who exactly are we trying not to offend? According to statistics in the News-Journal the other day, 80% of Americans are Christians. There's virtual unanimity among those people in favor of celebrating Christmas. (The only exception I'm aware of is Seventh-Day Adventists.) Among the remaining 20%, a huge percentage of those people celebrate Christmas. (A statistic I saw somewhere said that over 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas.)

And how many people are going to be offended by someone wishing them good will. As Delavoice points out: it's better than being told to "Have a Crappy Month." So why shouldn't Christians wish others a Merry Christmas? Is there any higher greeting we can give others at this time of year? We're essentially wishing them the blessing of Christ? How can someone be offended by that?

The only way they can be offended by that is if they're anti-Christian. And who needs the blessings of Christ more than them?

Whether or not we're in a "War on Christmas," Christians refusing to say Merry Christmas is still unilateral disarmament. So, Christians, take pride in your faith and give others the greatest greeting you can! Don't be afraid to use the "C-word!"

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