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Friday, December 09, 2005

CNN.com - Dean: U.S. can't win Iraq war - Dec 6, 2005
"The idea that we are going to win this war is an idea that unfortunately is just plain wrong," [Howard Dean] said.
You see, it's stuff like this that makes people question whether or not the Democrats truly support the troops. It's one thing to oppose the war, but at a certain point you have to accept reality and acknowledge that the decision was made and we have to deal with where are, not where we'd like to be. (It's called being an adult...) Quotes like this can only fire up our enemies, firm their resolve, and potentially increase their numbers if any fence-sitters jump over to their side, especially when they come from the leader of one of America's two political parties that matter. As our enemy gets larger and more emboldened, there's a greater chance of our soldiers (or even civilians) being killed. It's not outlandish at all to say that comments like this could cost American lives.

When our nation is at war, we need to win, even if we're wrong. Losing wars makes us look weak and our enemies are more likely to take further aggressive action against us or our interests. After Vietnam, the Soviets went into Afghanistan, Vietnam went into Cambodia/Kampuchea. The Soviets and Cubans made efforts to subvert democracy in Central and South America. All this because they perceived an America that was weak and afraid to fight. The same can happen here if we lose or turn tail in Iraq.

Those who argue for a withdrawal from Iraq are arguing that we should lose this war, and that's just wrong. A call for a withdrawal is a call for a weaker America, and more attacks on our people and our allies. (Even the French don't think we should pull out.)

Governor Dean, and those who side with him: if you truly do love this country, help us win or shut the hell up.

I'll play along. What do you suggest we do ? More happy talk? Okay. Things are great in Iraq. We are winning ! Freedom is on the march. How about another round of tax cuts ! That will teach Saddam not to threaten us with his imaginary weapons.

Ahhh. I feel better. It is fun being a Republican zombie. Words actually DO speak louder than actions.

Who knew winning an occupation would be so easy? USof A kicks ASS !

Jason, are a Republican troll trying to make Democrats/liberals look bad? That's the only logical explanation for some of your comments.

If you're really trying to persuade people, show them some respect and don't twist their words. Nowhere did I say that anyone who criticizes the path of war should be silent. Offering constructive criticism is fine and can highlight areas we need to improve. But flat (and false) assertions that the war is unwinnable help no one except the terrorists, and those who feel the need to cover up for their own inadequacies by tearing down others.

Grow up or go away. I don't need traffic on my blog so badly that I need stupid and dishonest comments like yours.

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