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Friday, December 10, 2004

Yahoo! News - MoveOn to Democratic Party: 'We Own It'
"For years, the party has been led by elite Washington insiders who are closer to corporate lobbyists than they are to the Democratic base," said the e-mail from MoveOn PAC's Eli Pariser. "But we can't afford four more years of leadership by a consulting class of professional election losers."
Doesn't MoveOn realize it was their extremism that pushed the Kerry campaign to have to be so far out of the mainstream? They lost this election, not the Democratic professionals.

Link via The Corner.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Philadelphia Phillies News
Not sure how I feel about this signing. It's obviously an over-payment, and it will prevent the Phillies from getting the ace they need. It's not good for the team but it's nice to have a former Blue Rock starting for the Phils.

Laptops can cause sterility in men
This is an uncomfortable article to read. Fortunately, I've rarely had a laptop actually sitting on my lap.

Via Drudge.

Saint Juan Diego and Our Lady
Good article on today's feast of Saint Juan Diego. It always did seem to me that Mary just decided Mexico needed to be Catholic because after her appearance here, it took about ten years for Catholicism to become dominant in Mexico.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Mary's Conception in Sacred Scripture and Tradition
Very good article on the development of our understanding of Mary's Immaculate Conception.

Why the Immaculate Conception?
Good article on the Implications of the Immaculate Conception of Mary on her Feast Day.

One good point worth remembering: We don't honor Mary because of her Immaculate Conception, we honor Mary because she never sinned. Adam and Eve were also born without the stain of original sin, but they managed to sin, only lasting a few hours by some interpretations. Only Mary and Jesus never sinned.

And here's an interesting point I hadn't considered before:
C.S. Lewis remarked somewhere that we are not to imagine that Jesus had an easier time with temptation than we. In fact, he said, Jesus Christ was the only one Who ever felt the full strength of temptation, because He was the only one Who never gave in to it. He said by way of explanation something like this: "After all, you don't discover the true strength of the German Army by lying down and letting it roll over you; but only by standing up to it and fighting it at every turn."

"Man without God is a beast, and never more beastly than when he is most intelligent about his beastliness." --Whittaker Chambers

"The very reason for the First Amendment is to make the people of this country free to think, speak, write and worship as they wish, not as the Government commands." --Justice Hugo Black

"Civil liberty can be established on no foundation of human reason which will not at the same time demonstrate the right of religious freedom." --John Quincy Adams

"Permissiveness is the principle of treating children as if they were adults; and the tactic of making sure they never reach that stage." --Thomas Szasz

"Academic freedom is not only meant to protect professors; it is also supposed to ensure students' right to learn without being molested. When instructors use their classrooms to indoctrinate and propagandize, they cheat those students and betray the academic mission they are entrusted with. That should be intolerable to honest men and women of every stripe -- liberals and conservatives alike." --Jeff Jacoby

"If you don't like living in a divided country, all you have to do is get yourself appointed to the university faculty somewhere and you will be able to experience the joys of living in a one-party state." --James Taranto

Yahoo! News - Linguist Deciphers Uses of Word 'Dude'
Dude, this is cool.

My favorite "dude" conversation is from Baseketball:
Coop: I'm not gonna do it, dude, end of story!
Douglas "Swish" Reemer: Dude!
Coop: Dude!
Douglas "Swish" Reemer: Dude!
Coop: Dude!
Douglas "Swish" Reemer: Dude!
[Coop looks shocked]
Douglas "Swish" Reemer: Dude.
Coop: I see your point.
(It's very funny when viewed, hard to get when written.)

Link via The Corner.

Phillies offer Glanville Arbitration
Are they trying to make me stop going to games? Just the thought of seeing Glanville play in a game is enough to make me not want to go or watch it on TV? Why don't the Phillies realize he sucks? How many years of suckitude will it take for them to catch on?

Here's Glanville's career stats.

He's had one (one!) season where he's been above-average, most of the time he's well below average. As one site put it, if his average falls any more, it will nearly match his IQ. Now, Doug's a smart guy, but nearly smart enough for that to be a good thing.

I'm really concerned this means the end of Marlon Byrd's days with the team. After all, they now have Byrd, Glanville, and Lofton to patrol center. Plus Jason Michaels is still around who can cover the position too. They can't be planning to carry six outfielders, so someone must be going. I fear that's Byrd, even though he's shown far more talent than Glanville ever had. (Michaels won't be leaving; he and Burrell are good friends.) Note that as bad ad Byrd was last year; he's still a far better player than Glanville was.


Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Pearl Harbor Raid, 7 December 1941
The Naval Historical Center's home page on the attack on Pearl Harbor 63 years ago today.

Let's remember to honor those who lost their lives in this attack at some point today.

This is a good resource if you're interested in details of the attack that go beyond its impact on women. (Yeah, I'm still bitter at the News Journal....)

Happy Delaware Day!!
This day 217 years ago, Delaware became the first state to ratify the Constitution.

Spider-Man 2 (2004)
I finally saw it this weekend and wasn't all that impressed. I think it spent too long on showing the horrors of being a superhero.

Things I did like:
1) The effects for the octopus tentacles were amazing and really showed how the tentacles did have their own personalities.
2) J.K. Simmons was amazing again as J. Jonah Jameson the Bugle editor. So different than his role on Law and Order, but he's so good in both.
3) Kirsten, of course.

It wasn't an awful movie; I just can't say that I'm eager to see it again like I was the first. (Which is one of two movies I've ever watched on consecutive days.)

www.delawareonline.com : The News Journal : LOCAL : Pearl Harbor brought changes for women
There's an old joke that if Washington, DC were to be destryoed by an nuclear bomb, the headline in the Washington Post the next day would be "Nuclear Bomb Destroys DC - Women, Minorities Hurt Worst."

Above is the News-Journal's headline about Pearl Harbor.

Congratulations, News-Journal, you're officially a joke. This kind of makes me regret tearing up that order form for the Philadelphia Inquirer I received in the mail last night. It would be good to have a real paper in this area.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Thomas Sowell: Random thoughts
The very people who were telling us to "get over it" and "move on" during the Clinton scandals of the 1990s have been completely unable to get over the 2004 elections -- and some of them haven't even gotten over the 2000 elections yet.

During his long tenure as NBC News anchorman, Tom Brokaw took that program from last place among the big three broadcast networks to first place. But he had more viewers when he was in last place, more than 20 years ago, than he had in first place this year. That is because fewer people now watch NBC, ABC, or CBS News. Good!

A couple of readers in Michigan ask: Since death is defined by the cessation of brain waves, why shouldn't life be defined by the beginning of brain waves?

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