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Friday, August 06, 2004

What am I supposed to do without Peggy?
Because I am a conservative I support the party that best represents conservative views, the Republican Party. Sometimes I get mad at it; often it disappoints me. It is imperfect, and not perfectible. But to a greater degree than in the past I feel an urge to help it. Since peace was wrenched off the tracks on 9/11, deep in my heart I have pulled for President Bush, Vice President Cheney, members of the current administration, and Republicans in the Senate and the House. With the decline of the Democratic Party I have become convinced there is a greater chance we will win the war if the Republican Party wins the election.

In the past four years I have written about and given advice to both parties in this column. But a week ago, while watching the Democratic convention, I made a decision.

I am going to take three months' unpaid leave from The Wall Street Journal and attempt to support the Republican Party in the coming and crucial election.

We'll miss you Peggy.

Random Question
Why does Kevin Costner keep getting work?

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

More Bishops Deny Communion to Pro-Abortion Catholic Politicians
We also take this opportunity to address all Catholics whose beliefs and conduct do not correspond to the Gospel and to Church teaching. To receive the great gift of God - the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ - we must approach Holy Communion free from mortal sin. Those who are conscious of being in a state of grave sin should avail themselves of the Sacrament of Reconciliation before coming to Holy Communion. To partake of the Eucharist is to partake of Christ Himself, and to enter into sacramental communion with our Lord we must all be properly disposed.

Because of the influence that Catholics in public life have on the conduct of our daily lives and on the formation of our nation's future, we declare that Catholics serving in public life espousing positions contrary to the teaching of the Church on the sanctity and inviolability of human life, especially those running for or elected to public office are not to be admitted to Holy Communion in any Catholic church within our jurisdictions: the Archdiocese of Atlanta, the Dioceses of Charleston and Charlotte. Only after reconciliation with the Church has occurred, with the knowledge and consent of the local bishop, and public disavowal of former support for procured abortion, will the individual be permitted to approach the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

Good Quotes
"A churchless society is most assuredly a society on the downgrade." --Theodore Roosevelt

"In the ideal world of today's liberals, apparently, there simply would be no conservatives -- or, if there were, they'd keep their mouths shut. For the Left, free speech is a 'fundamental liberty' only so long as it's their own." --Steven Zak

"[T]he real Democrat base...is less an ideological movement than an agglomeration of interest groups that have perfected the art of demanding a handout and sounding self-righteous while doing it. The picture here is of an electorate of the needy and demanding, constantly asking not what I can do for my country, but what my country can gimme, gimme, gimme." --Holman Jenkins, Jr.

"If there is anything that makes rich, liberal politicians happier than having power over their own money, it's having power over yours." --Terence Jeffrey

"When people know the truth, they recognize that Planned Parenthood is not a benevolent healthcare organization, but rather, a lucrative business that profits from selling sex and aborting babies." --Jim Sedlak, executive director of American Life League's STOPP International

"[A] Republican is by definition 'divisive' whenever he does things Democrats don't like. It's similar to the way Democrats bang their high chairs about 'wedge issues' -- which is to say, issues that work better for Republicans than Democrats." --Jonah Goldberg

Jay Leno:
Boston is the perfect city for the Democrats. The Democrats are just like the Red Sox. They're optimistic in the spring, concerned in the summer and ready to choke in the fall.
John Kerry threw out the first ball before [a] Yankees-Red Sox game in Boston. In fact, Kerry asked "Where do you want me on the field? I can take any position."

This is stupid, but made me chuckle
If you support the policies and character of George W. Bush, please drive with your headlights on during the day on Friday..

If you support the policies and character of John Kerry, please drive with your headlights off that night.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Who's questioning whose patriotism?
It's taken as a doctrine of faith among Democrats that Republicans are always questioning the Democrats' patriotism. Yet, have they ever mentioned a specific instance of it? This is clearly a case "Me thinks they doth protest too much." (Woody: "Excuse me, Miss Chambers, but shouldn't that be 'I thinks?'" Carla: "Not in your case, Woody." I really miss Cheers.)

Lowry then runs through a litany of the Democrats stating the Republicans are unpatriotic. The Republicans don't bother to defend themselves because they know it's not true. ("You know it, I know it, the American people know it." --Ross Perot) The Democrats meanwhile get defensive any time the Republicans bring up American values or patriotism because they know they always "blame America first." (Jeane Kirkpatrick)

Vote for this Man
Dan Burroughs is a Republican running in a heavily Democratic district, but he's clearly winning the yard sign wars.

I've only recently met him, but the wide array of people supporting him (life-long, loyal Democrats) is impressive. Listen to him talk and you can tell he truly cares about our neighborhood and wants to continue to make it better.

His opponent is a friend of mine from high school, so it kind of hurts me to say to vote for Burroughs, but I think it's the best thing to do for our district and the City.

Know Thy Enemy
The best of the linked article:

Democrats have lost most of the men's vote because they're a bunch of girlie men. Don't tell them that, though, because they'll cry.

Democrats are big into class warfare. They also are for gun control which has caused the deadliest firearms to be too expensive except for the rich to buy. So, if class warfare ever goes to blows, it won't last long.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Live and Let Live?
A libertarian argument in support of the Federal marriage Amendment

Unlike private sexual behavior between consenting adults, same-sex marriage is neither a private matter nor an individual right. It is a social and legal contract that would publicly sanction and promote a lifestyle and set of behaviors that the vast majority of Americans hold as immoral, unhealthy, and/or unnatural.

One quibble: Silver writes "Unlike humans who are born morally tabula rasa, with a blank slate, ..." we aren't born with a moral blank slate, God has written the natural law in each of our hearts.

Warsaw Uprising
I caught this program on CNN last night. It was about the revolt of the Poles in Warsaw against their Nazi occupiers during World War II. Expecting help from the Soviets, the revolted as the Red Army approached Warsaw. Instead, Moscow stopped the advance and allowed the Nazis to slaughter the Poles so Poland would be more pliant after the War was over. Britain and the US went along with this, although Churchill was more strenuous urging the Soviets to aid the Poles than Roosevelt was. (Although, frankly, as bad as this was, I can't say I blame them for allowing it. Nazism was the problem of the moment; Communism could be fought another day.)

This was an excellent documentary and made me proud to have Polish blood in me. There is a website dedicated to those who gave their lives in this struggle.

I remember in high school (or grade school) people laughing at the Polish cavalry charging German tanks while on their horses. I told my father about that and he pointed out that at least the Poles fought back, unlike a certain French-speaking country.

Again, as I discussed in another posting, we see how Poles are brave and defenders of freedom and why they were so willing to support the liberation and battle for a free Iraq: they know the horrors of oppression and dictatorship and hope to see all people live in freedom.

Ed Wade Jokes
Q: Why can't Ed Wade use a gun?
A. Because he doesn't know how to pull the trigger
Q: Why can't Ed Wade play solitaire?
A: He doesn't know how to deal
Q: What do the UN Inspectors in Iraq and Ed Wade have in common?
A: Both looked as hard as they could, but couldn't come up with any arms
Q: Did you hear Wade may go to work for Krispy Kreme?
A: He sure knows how to leave a hole in center
Q: What does Ed Wade and Smarty Jones have in common?
A. Nothing
Ed Wade decides he is dissatisfied with the lack of respect and appreciation from Philly fans and the media, so he sneaks off quietly and takes and interview with the Florida Marlins:

Marlins Owner: Mr. Wade, why should we hire you as General Manager for our team?

Wade: We'll, I feel if you hire me, I can vastly improve your Club's chances of winning the division

Q: Why won't the current Phillies team (built by Ed Wade) last as long as the pyramids?
A: Pyramid engineers had huge stones to get the job done
Q: What do Moe, Curly, and Ed Wade have in common?
A: They like to blame their screw-ups on Larry
Q: What's the difference between a coroner and Ed Wade?
A: A coroner waits until your dead before he rips your heart out
Q: What's the difference between Ed Wade and a garbage collector?
A: Wade picks up trash while wearing a suit
At 4:01PM, (a minute after the trade deadline passed), Ed Wade walks into a crowded room full of newspaper reporters, Television and radio personalities.

After the room quiets down, Wade steps to the microphone and there is silence in anticipation of the announcement he is about to make.

"Ladies and gentleman, I have some great news."

"We got a starting pitcher"-cried someone in the audience.

"No," answered Wade, " I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico."
Ed Wade was interviewed by a local network who was doing a special biography on him. During this interview, Wade was asked where he got his skill in making deals?

"I spent a great deal of time studying and learning the skill during my childhood. There were many opportunities for me to watch television to see how some of the best deals were made."

"That's a unique approach," said the reporter. " I bet it has helped you a lot. What did you get in your most recent trade?"

"The box," replied Wade.
Q: How did Ed Wade get the nickname "the Human Placebo?"
A: Because both try to fool you into believing things are getting better
While leaving his office at Citizen's Bank Park, Ed Wade accidentally dropped his pager and cell phone when he got off the elevator. A couple of fans recovered them a few minutes later.

Q: What did the fans find on them?
A: Cobwebs
Q: What do Ed Wade and school kids have in common?
A: Summer's off
Ed Wade runs across the hall from his office into the owner's suite and tells him, "We just made a deal!"

"Great!" says Giles. " What did you do?"

"Well, it came down to a choice between Randy Johnson, Roger Clemons, and a duck," Wade explained.

"And who did we get?"- asked Giles

"We got the duck," Wade replied

"Hmmmm...." Giles thought for a minute and then asked his GM: "With all that other talent, why in God's name did we take the duck?"

Wade quickly answered. "Because the duck won't cost us anything!"

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