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Saturday, June 05, 2004

My Website
I took my website down as a tribute to the Gipper, for posterity's purposes, here's the tribute image I created:

Watching NBC's special
It's really gotten to me. As Jonah Goldberg stated in The Corner earlier today, Fox News' coverage was more like an Irish wake. (CBS was not-so-subtly making jabs at him when I turned it on, and C-Span had someone openly insulting him. Remember, liberals are the compassionate ones...)

Anyway, it's been nice and touching and brought tears to my eyes.

Some nice phrases that we accredited to him today:

From 1997 on his view of the Cold War: "We win, and they lose."
On his view of America's foreign policy: "Uncle Sam is a kindly old man, but he has a spine of steel."

It's nice hearing how many people reminiscing about him tell personal stories about what a genuinely good person he was, rather than talk about political agendas or campaign tactics. He was just a good person.

I get chills
everytime I see the clip of him saying "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

My Favorite Reagan Books
Of course, I have to recommend a book by Peggy Noonan. This book more than any other I have read shows the genuinely good person Reagan was.
An excellent book that shows how Reagan always understood that Communism was an enemy to be defeated, not an institution to be co-existed with, even when his closest advisers tried to convince him otherwise.
A collection of Reagan's writings from his weekly radio addresses in the 70s. Shows how his political philosophy was developed and his personal, warm style.

The Speech

Reagan memorial Site

More Gipper


President Reagan has Died
My Current Reading

The story of Father Emmett Hoffmann, a Capuchin priest who ministered to the needs of the Northern Cheyenne Indians. My grandmother loaned this to me and highly recommends it. Far be it for me to disagree with her. It's interesting so far, although from the description of it the real action is yet to come. So far he's just been through seminary and is getting his feet wet.

Very appropriate
Click on the link, scroll down in the list on the right to see the sign language representation for "abortion."

Today's Reading
From today's First Reading:
For the time will come when people will not tolerate sound doctrine but, following their own desires and insatiable curiosity, will accumulate teachers and will stop listening to the truth and will be diverted to myths. (2 Tm 4:3-4)

I think this is a wise verse to recall when contemplating and studying Scripture or the Will of God. There will be some people who seek to replace God's will with their own, or who are simply mistaken in the conclusions they draw. We need to be careful in our study to remain faithful to the true word of God.

Fortunately, there's an easy way to do that: Check the conclusions we've drawn with the historical teachings of the Church.

Do you believe that it's acceptable to promote abortion, vote for laws supporting it or vote for candidates who do the above? Check with the Church: it's not.

Do you find it preposterous that the bread and win we eat and drink each Sunday is truly the Body and Blood of Christ? Check with the Church: They are!

Do you feel that artificial contraception is a suitable means to time your children according to your own schedule? Check with the Church: It's not. (See here for more information.)

Jesus promised his Apostles that He would not abandon them; the Holy Spirit would come and "teach [them] everything and remind [them] of all that he told [them]." (Jn 14: 26) The Holy Spirit continues that today with the successors of the Apostles: the Pope and the Bishops of the world.

Before you believe something to be true, check with the experts: the Church and the Holy Spirit.

By the way...
Catholic Exchange is just a great site in general. Worth checking every day.

Post-Abortion Suffering
Rachel's Vineyard has been given many positive reviews for women suffering from post-abortion depression.

The Bad-Ass Bishop on Eucharist

Friday, June 04, 2004

Article on Buffy
He gets more deep than I do about the show. I just love the comedy and the action.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

More Peggy
On Recent College Graduates: "I see no sign they are going to start thinking anything truly unusual for their time and generation--that religious conversion can be a wholly beneficial and life changing event, for instance, or that breaking with liberal orthodoxy might be the beginning of wisdom."

On Youth: "To be fair, young people often have nothing serious to say."

On smoking bans: "I have come to hate the banners. No, I don't smoke. I just believe in the right of people to be human, to be imperfect and messy and flawed. I don't dislike the banners because they're prissy bullies, though that is reason enough. I dislike them because their work forces us to look at the shift in values in our country in our time. As I watched the NBC report, I actually thought to myself: I want to make sure I understand. If you smoke a cigarette on a beach in modern America you are harming the innocent. If you have a baby scraped from your womb, you are protecting your freedom. If you sell a pack of cigarettes to a 12-year-old boy you can be jailed, fined and sent to Guantanamo Bay with the other killers. If you sell a pack of contraceptives to a 12 year old boy in modern America you are socially responsible citizen."

Paul Johnson on D-Day
He also discusses lessons learned from that invasion taht we failed to apply in Iraq.

Good Point
"I sometimes wonder: Why doesn't the Left do more flag-waving? They've done so well here! So, they don't have the presidency, for now. They've got the schools, the universities, the news media, the movies — don't be so greedy!" - Jay Nordlinger

While I'm on the subject...
Two "bumper stickers" that were forwarded to me:

"The News-Journal - Because fiction is better than the truth"
"The NewsJournal - I wouldn't insult a dead fish with it"

Why isn't the News Journal covering this?
Someone fixing races at Dover Downs should be big news. Where's the News Journal on this one?

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

How We're Winning in Fallujah

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Parishioners Block Homosexuals from Receiving Communion
I agree with Mark Shea's comments. It's not for lay Catholics to make the decision; it's the responsibility of the priests and bishops. We can disagree with their decisions, but it's our responsibility to abide by their authority.

The Bad-Ass Bishop Defended

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