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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Yeah, What He Said
I don't understand the urge by many in government to tax everything they can. The Internet is one of the fastest growing "economies" around, so naturally that has to be stopped. Lamar!, as a Republican, should know better than to be taxing (and double-taxing) Internet-related services.

This bill has the right idea.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Edmund Burke and Animal House
I know this is a very old article, but it still makes me crack up. It's made me bump up Burke on my list of people/topics I need to learn more about. I am interested in his (correct) understanding of man as a fallen "creature," who will not and can not be perfected any Earthly institution.

OK, I changed my mind
Despite my last post, all those months ago, I've decided it's necessary to vote for George W. Bush this November.

It started when I was pondering how Franklin Roosevelt essentially dropped his domestic agenda once WWII began. He recognized that some issues are so important that they override others. This led me to reflect on how some generations are handed issues they _have_ to deal with whether they like it or not. Slavery had to be dealt with in the 1860s. Nazism/Fascism had to be defeated in the 1940s. Communism had to be rolled back during the Cold War.

We now are in a similar situation: Terrorism can no longer be ignored. It must be defeated.

The next President will be one of two men: George W. Bush or John Kerry. On the great issue of the day, who will lead in the right direction?

Certainly not Kerry. He seems to talk as if we can defeat terrorism through law enforcement measures. We tried this in the 90s and it gave Al Qaeda the time to perform attacks against us across the world and to build their stature. The fight needs to be taken to them.

Bush is far from perfect on this issue. (I do believe Iraq is a Just War, but I don't necessarily believe it was prudent to undertake such an effort.) But he's far better than Kerry.

When you combine this with Kerry's thumbing his nose at the teaching of the Church to which he claims membership, the choice is obvious.

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