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Monday, November 29, 2004

The News Journal : LOCAL : Shopping protesters arrested for 'nothing'
I was pretty good friends with the oldest of these sisters in college. (We got along pretty well despite the fact I was conservative and she was wrong.) She was a good person, if misguided politically, so I'm not sure who to believe in the "he-said, she-said" arrest stories, since I also tend to believe cops as a general rule. (Arrests mean paperwork, and who wants more paperwork?)

As someone (I think PoliticalTracker) said, protests are overused and largely ineffective at this point in history. Do the White sisters really think anyone would change their mind on Black Friday? Anyone nuts enough to brave those crowds isn't going see the error of their ways that day.

And I do agree with their basic message: the consumerization of American society is a bad thing. I just don't think their methods will work. You want to change people's hearts, the best method is to show them the happiness that comes from a simpler lifestyle, not by confronting them. That's likely to be counter-productive.

The other thing I don't get, and it shows how different Anna and I are from each other, is this: Who says, "Hey, while we're all together, who wants to go protest?" When I get together with far-flung family, the day after Thanksgiving is spent either sleeping off the dinner, watching movies or hanging out talking. Protests would never enter our mind.

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